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The sellers Residential Real Property Disclosure Report is required by Illinois law whenever a residential property is sold or transferred.  The form must be signed by all sellers and all purchasers and attached to the Contract to Purchase.
The Lead-based Paint Disclosure is required by federal law whenever a residential property is rented, sold or transferred, if the property was built before 1978.  The form must be signed by seller and buyer and attached to the Contract to Purchase, or by the landlord and tenant and attached to the Rental Agreement.  Severe penalties for non-compliance. 

Sellers Disclosure

Landlords Disclosure

Protect Your Family From Lead in the Home  must be given to all tenants and buyers if the property was built before 1978.  Severe penalties for non-compliance. 

 English booklet

Spanish booklet

The Landlords' Five Days' Notice is served on the tenant for late payment of rent.  It is often the first step in the eviction (forcible entry and detainer) process.
Ten-Day Notice for lease violation.  Gives tenant no option to cure the violation.
Thirty-Day Notice to terminate tenancy.  Used to terminate month-to-month tenancies; could also be used as a notice of non-renewal of lease.
Applicant's Employment Verification can be mailed or faxed to verify employment information.
Use the Rental Verification form to confirm the applicant's rental history.
Sample Move-in/Move-out Checklist.  Such a checklist is recommended and will minimize disagreement if deductions are made for damages when a tenant moves out.
Security Deposit Statement.  Sample form can be used after tenant moves out.  See legal requirements here.
Use the Lease Addendum for Drug-free Housing so you can legally evict a tenant for criminal activity on the premises.

The Village of Round Lake Beach recommends their own crime-free addendum for rentals within their community.  The recommended Crime Free Lease Addendum complies with the 2006 village ordinance.

completion of disclosure forms by seller or landlord creates legal obligations on seller/landlord.  therefore 

seller/landlord  may wish to consult an attorney prior to completion of these reports.