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What's different about Graff Realty's listings?

by Mel Metts

For one thing, we rarely use lockboxes.

We do show a lot of properties listed by other brokers, and the common practice is to find the keys in the lockbox, let ourselves in, and fumble our way through the showing.

Or pick up the keys at the broker's office and return them when we're finished.

Or knock on apartment doors and hope the tenants will let us in.

Or the owner has to meet us to give us a guided tour.

We don't think this is the best way to showcase your rental property.  Not to mention the tenants who become uncooperative because they feel mistreated and disrespected.  And it's not the best use of the owner's time to have to show up for each listing.  If you have to do that, why do you even need a realtor?

We show up for showings.

That's right!  We insist on being present when our property listings are shown*.  This way, we can conduct a guided tour of the premises and answer questions immediately.  This technique allows us to get immediate feedback from the other agents and their buyer-clients.

By being at every showing, we interface with each of the tenants, so their dwellings aren't being invaded by total strangers at every turn.

Have you seen our property marketing package?

We assemble all the property information into one bound booklet, which we hand out at each showing.  Our materials are impressive!  Want to see for yourself?  Click HERE. (This is a large pdf file, so allow ample time to load.)

We're pros at dealing with tenants.

We all own (or have owned) rental property, and we're experienced at dealing with tenants effectively.  We understand that tenants rarely view the property sale in a positive light, so we interface with them to make the process as smooth as possible.  We give the tenants a day's advance notice before showings, and show respect for their private dwellings.

After all, when the property does sell, the new owner will want to inherit happy, satisfied tenants!

We're pros at listing income property.

Most residential real estate agents don't think like investors, and their listings show it.

Click HERE to see what a typical MLS listing from a residential agent might look like (problem areas are highlighted in yellow).
Click HERE to see what the same listing looks like from Graff Realty.

We assemble as much relevant data as possible, and put it in the listing so prospective buyers have more information to go on.  Most residential real estate agents leave everything to chance.

We're in tune with the market.  Since we sell so much investment property, we can suggest an optimum list price that will move your property in a reasonable time frame -- without leaving money on the table.

We're members of the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois.

Many commercial brokers are not MLS members.  Click HERE to learn why this matters.

Our website gives your property priceless exposure!

Our listings are on the front page of our website, which receives 50,000 (yes, thousand) hits per month from more than 3,000 unique visits.  It's the "go to" website for Lake County investors, and we receive frequent compliments on its content and ease of use (you're here right now, aren't you?).

The website, combined with the Northern Illinois MLS, our full-color postcards and our marketing handouts provide the broadest exposure by showcasing our listings in the best possible light.

Have you seen our postcards?

Our postcards are impressive!  Full-color and laminated, they are mailed to our prospects as well as to current owners of similar investments in the area.

Click HERE to see a sample postcard.

Click HERE if you do not currently receive our postcards, and would like to be added to our mailing list.

Our commissions are competitive.

Sales commissions are set by each broker; there are no "standard" commission rates.  Even though we provide an exceptional level of service, our commissions are about the same as everybody else's.  You get more for your money when you list with us!



*When a property is vacant, we sometimes use a lockbox, and are not present for showings.